21ST CENTURY CROATIA offers the comprehensive service:

From Interior design and 3D visualization, through the Renovation of the villas, all the way to Legal support and the Maintenance of the property.

We provide complete project management for you.

Our team of people – from lawyers and architects to designers – is fully capable of bringing the project from preliminary design and building permit to the final stage, and opening the facility with building use permit.

Customized design for all the interiors of your property: modern, retro, contemporary, traditional or any custom style that reflects your personal identity and taste.

To bring your ideas to life even before they are implemented in the real world, Our 3D experts use the latest technology so you can visualize the final result.

We will arrange and coordinate all the work that has to be done, to make your property shine like it is completely new. No stress from finding contractors, architects and designers.

Our dedicated legal team consists of proven experts with many years of experience. They will easily handle all the legal problems that might arise during the purchase procedure.

Experience the magic of Croatia with the highest luxury – cruise the amazing coast and islands with our charter yachts and cars, and the help from our dedicated crew.

Professional property management for your place. You get a complete service from general maintenance, to all the administration when renting your property to tourists.