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Palace is located on the waterfront, along the southern city walls, within the cultural and historical nucleus of the city of Trogir
The Palace location provides a unique experience of UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to the advantage of its top rankings concerning its five apartments and three double rooms.
A reconstruction of the three-floor building with a total area of 625.72 square meters has been planned on the construction land plot covering an area of 275 square meters.
The construction planning of the project includes a ground floor covering an area of 186.83 square meters with a reception desk, a restaurant and a coffee bar, directly connected with the Trogir water-front called Riva, open also for non-resident visitors and participants of a large number of events and presentations of the cultural heritage of Trogir.
The premises for an additional catering proposal have also been planned in the northern end of the building (cigar bar). The entrance to the hotel has been planned both from the southern and the northern end, whereas the entrance to the coffee bar has been planned from the western end. The original stone staircase in the defensive walls enables also the external access to the first floor on the northern end of the building.
The construction planning for the first floor includes a spacious multi-functional atrium and two apartments, one with a total area of 46.87 square meters and the other of 50.77 square meters, with a terrace of 31.66 square meters. On the second floor, there will also be two apartments, one of 39.93 square meters and the other of 41.62 square meters, in addition to the hotel room that covers the area of 23.43 square meters. The third floor is intended for two hotel rooms, one of 20.54 square meters and the other of 23.17 square meters and an apartment covering the area of 41.43 square meters.


✓ City center   ✓ Waterfront   ✓ Five apartments and three double rooms.
✓ City center   ✓ Waterfront   ✓ Five apartments and three double rooms.

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